Uniting to Protect Ash Trees for Future Generations

Learn how researchers are making an effort to preserve ash seed...

Image of Ash Trees attacked by emerald ash borer (USDA Forest Service photo)

A collaboration of tribal forest groups, university researchers, and the U.S. Forest Service in Maine have combined to foster an ash seed collection over a large geographic area to encourage an effort to preserve the species long-term after emerald ash borer has peaked.

Professor John Daigle of the University of Maine, who has played a leading role in the group, said, “Creating an ash seed bank will allow for the possible propagation and reintroduction of ash into forests that have been affected by emerald ash borer.”

The group has raised nearly $1 million to sponsor research activities carried out by students at the university, develop an ash resource inventory field manual, and for remote sensing to identify black ash in Maine.

For a full U.S. Forest Service recounting of the project, go to: https://www.fs.usda.gov/featur...

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