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DNR Foresters Seek Solutions to White Oak Death Surge

Find the latest information on the declining white oak populations...

As foresters in Mid-America search for help with declining white oak populations (now and in the future), Joe Herring, an Iowa DNR forester, and others working to solve an oak tree death surge in the species have suggested that the two-lined chestnut borer invasive pest may be involved.

Herring is interviewed on SilvaCast, a Podcast of Wisconsin DNR foresters Brad Hutnick and Greg Edge, where complete information is available on the mystery in their most recent episode titled: “Red, Green, Dead”. (Silvicast is available on Apple, Spotify, and Google.)

Herring wonders whether dramatic shifts between drought and wet seasons are factors. Also, the invasive pest finding older white oak populations may be causing them to be more vulnerable.

Here’s some information on two-lined chestnut borers including photos to help with identification: https://hort.extension.wisc.ed...

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