Wisconsin DNR preparing state forest status report

The report, the 2020 forest action plan, will analyze trends in the state's forests

The Wisconsin DNR is beginning a strategic assessment of forest conditions throughout the state leading up to drafting a “2020 forest action plan”. The plan is required for Wisconsin to qualify for forestry program funding under the federal farm law. The plan needs to be submitted by June, 2020.

The DNR describes the assessment as a “data rich description of (Wisconsin) forests and analysis of trends”.

The last strategic plan was rolled out in 2010. A review of that assessment provides an interesting look at what issues could be up for review in the current assessment.

Among the major conclusions of that assessment were:

* Increasing fragmentation and parcelization of forest land were a large concern

* Encroachment of housing and roads into forestland was affecting forest diversity

* There was a decrease in seed trees among some conifers and yellow birch that was affecting species mix

* There was a reduction in jack pine population due to an “onslaught of pests”

Tricia Hillner of the DNR said that a draft of the assessment will be distributed in August. “It will truly be a draft. We’re looking for others in the Wisconsin community to comment and participate.”

To receive a copy of the draft, you can sign up and get more information at https://dnr.wi.gov/topic/ForestPlanning/actionPlan2020.html

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