Tune in to these forestry podcasts

Make your commute more exciting and learn along the way

Podcasts seem to be an ideal media choice for foresters and landowners. Once you subscribe and download a podcast episode on your smartphone, it will be available anywhere — unrelated to internet access or even a good radio or television connection.

And there are a surprisingly diverse set of podcasts available. Here is a list of podcasts that distribute their episodes at least once per month.

  1. The Digital Forester” – a recent episode carries an interview with Dr. Elizabeth Hunter, co-founder of Tree Swift, a data and monitoring system for the natural world.

  2. Silvicast”, which explores “topics related to silviculture in the Great Lakes states. It comes from the Wisconsin DNR.

  3. Let the Sawdust Fly”, from WDSM 710 in Duluth, Logger Pete Wood leads good-natured interviews with a variety of people from the forest products industry. The last episode traces the importance of one tree species — white oak — and its role in Belfour bourbon.

  4. Discovering Forestry” from Joe Aiken and Korey Lofy. The podcast’s description says they “combine over 60 years of knowledge and experience”.

  5. Voices of Forestry” from the Arkansas Forestry Association. A recent episode discussed appraisals.

  6. From the Woods Kentucky,” the podcast distributes a weekly radio show from WRFL (88.1) in Lexington, Kentucky.

If you find a good podcast, it can be a great diversion for an uneventful drive to or from the woods.

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