The DNR New Oak Wilt Outbreak Detection Tool

Read about and use the Michigan DNR’s new interactive map...

As oak wilt is an increasingly lethal threat to oak forests in the Lake States, the Michigan DNR is offering a tool for woodland owners to identify new outbreaks of the disease on an interactive map on the agency’s website.

“Oak wilt kills healthy red oaks. White oaks can also be affected but are more resistant and less vulnerable to mortality from the disease. Once a red oak becomes infected with the oak wilt fungus, the tree will die,” according to the DNR, “and there is no treatment to save the infected tree. Once an oak wilt infection is confirmed, however, treatments are available to save surrounding oaks and stop the spread of this disease.

“Oak wilt is a fungal disease that moves through the vascular system (water-conducting tissue) of the tree,” according to Bo Bricault at Michigan State University Extension. “The fungus spores are carried to the tree by small beetles that feed on sap from fresh wounds.”

The Michigan DNR’s interactive (ARCGIS map) is available here: Map Link

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