Sawlog prices show gains across Lake States in mid-2021, FDN prices show

Pulpwood continues to struggle in market

MADISON, Wis. -- Sawlog pricing in the Lake States showed some gains in the second quarter of 2021, including with maple prices showing increases from recent low prices in Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin, according to Forest Data Network index pricing.

Oak prices were also strong in Wisconsin and Michigan, but notched downward by a slight 1% in Minnesota. The price boost in Wisconsin was notable, up by 33% over 2020’s depressed levels and reaching a 10-year high statewide.

However, pulpwood prices remained weak almost across the board in the Lake States. An exception was pine, which showed strong pricing in Michigan and Minnesota. But it retreated below $40 per cord statewide in Wisconsin. Aspen cordwood showed gains in Wisconsin and Minnesota, but dropped 17% in Michigan.

This quarter was the first period for FDN in reporting Minnesota pricing. Data has been gathered going back a number of years in the state. To access statewide reports from all three states, check here.

FDN moves into Minnesota

Forest Data Network index prices are now available for the first time in Minnesota. They are joining Michigan (first available last year) and Wisconsin where pricing first became available in 2019.

Index prices are available in report form for seven Minnesota regions (and statewide) here. For all regions they reflect 10 species of sawlogs and 14 species of cordwood.

For organizations that require more precise and timely information this information is also available in a full database form, broken down to the county level. We’d welcome your feedback at


Forest Data Network now shows (limited) bolt pricing for the first time in all three states.

It can be found in each statewide report available here.

If you’d like more information regarding the Forest Data Network Prime Database, or if you have pricing for bolts that you would be willing to make available, please contact Duane Norwood,

The reports can be analyzed to show which species were the strongest in each state.

In Michigan, index pricing was highest in cordwood for fir, maple, oak and spruce. Also in sawlog prices for cherry.

Minnesota had the highest pricing for basswood cordwood and for pine sawlogs.

Wisconsin was strongest in pine, birch and aspen cordwood. It also had the highest index sawlog prices for ash, maple and oak.

Pricing for sub species also varied dramatically between regions within one state. For instance, FDN index pricing for sugar maple sawlogs varied from slightly over $100/mbf in one lower peninsula region to over $500/mbf in one upper peninsula region. Similarly pine cordwood prices varied by a range of over 50% among different regions in Minnesota for both white and red pine.

The latest stumpage information can for species and subspecies in regions in all three states can be accessed here.

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