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Ocean Protection Drives Amazon to Slash Plastic Packaging

Read how Amazon is cutting 95% of their use of "air pillows" in shipments...

Amazon is close to totally eliminating the use of plastic pillows in packaging in the U.S. by replacing them with recycled paper paper, according to a company announcement in June. The company announced that it has eliminated 95% of its use of “air pillows” in shipments in the U.S.

The change comes in reaction to a campaign led by ocean protection non-profit organization Oceana of Washington, DC. It said that 22 million pounds of Amazon’s plastic packaging ended up “in the world’s waterways and seas” in 2022, citing a study for the journal Science.

After testing replacing air pillows in some packaging centers the company told the Associated Press that paper filler “offers the same, if not better protection during shipment compared with plastic air pillows.”

Christian Garcia, who works at Amazon’s fulfillment center in Bakersfield, California, said that “the paper filler is easier to work with and that the machinery gives staff more space so that it’s easier to pack”, according to an A.P. story.

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