Introducing: Species Pricing Reports

Get index pricing for a specific species across all Lake States regions

MADISON, WI -- Forest Data Network is now making available individual species pricing reports for 15 Lake States sawlog and pulpwood species and subspecies. These reports offer index prices for stumpage of a single species (or subspecies) across three states and 28 separate regions.

The reports will cover a comprehensive look at stumpage prices for species from aspen to white oak across different forms of ownership — both public and private, and different geographic regions in Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin.

The reports will allow forest product buyers and timberland owners to assess value of a species over recent years and over thousands of square miles of land.

The reports will be available for these species:
Black walnut
Maple (including hard maple and soft maple)
Oak (including black oak, red oak and white oak)
Pine (including jack, red and white pine)

More information on how to order a report is available here.

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