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Changing Building Codes to Tackle Housing Shortages

Read how building codes can change the timber we use...

The Federation of American Scientists has proposed that the use of mass (or manufactured structural) timber could be accelerated if the U.S. Department of Agriculture uses some timber innovation grant funding to reward states that adopt modernized building codes approved by the IBC in 2021.

These new codes allow for the use of mass timber in larger buildings and more varied structures than older building codes still in place by many states and local governments. The new codes could help speed up efforts to shrink the workforce housing shortage in the U.S. by accelerating the construction process on larger projects that require steel and concrete.

The IBC (International Building Code) was adopted after testing demonstrated its structural strength and fire safety capabilities.

FAS has suggested that the DOA’s Wood Innovation Grants program be used to incentivize states to adopt the more modern IBC codes and that Congress augment the funding for that program.

The FAS statement is here:

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