First quarter brings stronger pine cordwood prices to Lake States

Trends vary for other species, according to FDN

MADISON, Wis. – Pine cordwood prices for the first quarter of 2022 looked strong in most regions of all three Lake States, according to Forest Data Network index pricing. These prices showed particular strength in parts of Northern Wisconsin and in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

Pine cordwood prices also showed strength in Minnesota, with FDN index prices rising 7% from 2021.

For the limited volumes of sawlogs available for the winter quarter in Wisconsin, oak showed some weakness. Oak cordwood prices were very weak, based on data gathered by Forest Data Network for first quarter sales, continuing a trend of low hardwood cordwood prices in the state.

But pine cordwood prices were quite healthy, with the statewide FDN index price exceeding $40 per cord. And aspen cordwood prices followed the same trend in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Regional Pricing Reports are available here.

Michigan prices showed strength in many of those same areas, and maple sawlog pricing was also strong in some regions of the Upper Peninsula.

Pine cordwood prices were particularly strong in Michigan with U.P. regions up by more than 25% in the Forest Data Network index pricing.

Minnesota remained in its characteristic trend of low volatility in Lake States wood prices generally.

However, the limited harvest data for pine sawlogs in the state showed real strength in FDN index prices, which were up by more than 50%.

Most cordwood index prices showed a range of plus or minus $1-2 per cord Minnesota compared to recent years. However, red pine sawlog prices showed an increase of over 50% from 2021.

Statewide index price report subscriptions for Minnesota, Michigan and Wisconsin are here.

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