Wisconsin Academy releases carbon report

Report intended to increase the state’s focus on carbon sequestration

MADISON, Wis. -- A new report entitled Wisconsin’s Forested Lands: Opportunities for Carbon Sequestration and Storage from the Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts & Letters includes ten recommendations to increase the focus on carbon sequestration in public and private forests in the state.

The 41-page report, which was released in June, is available here:

The Report

The recommendations include:

  • The report recommends that Wisconsin adopt the tall mass timber provisions in the 2021 International Building Code into Wisconsin’s Commercial Building Code. This provision would allow larger commercial buildings to be constructed using manufactured structural wood products.

  • Another recommendation was to consider updating Wisconsin law to designate carbon as a commercial forest product so carbon sequestration could be more prominent in Managed Forest Law (MFL) plans.

  • Incentives should be provided for saw and pulp mills in the state to use biomass wood waste energy for wood kilns and cogeneration plants for power used in their plants.

The forestry group involved with the report included representatives of non-profit organizations, higher educational institutions, tribal groups, and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

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