Report calculates carbon emissions removed by Lake States forests

10-15% of emissions offset in each state

MADISON, Wis. – A carbon sequestration analysis compiled by the Forest Resources Association (FRA) shows the three Lake States’ trees and wood products remove 10 to 15% of the carbon emissions produced in each state. Wisconsin’s forests, urban trees and harvested wood products remove the highest percentage at 15%, trailed by Minnesota at 14%. Michigan removes the least at 10%, according to the FRA analysis.

In the years from 1990 to 2019, the carbon stock in forested land grew by over 8% in all three states. Most of the forested land in the states is in private hands, with privately owned forestland exceeding all publicly owned lands in the three states combined.

The FRA defines its role as representing the “interests of nearly 300 organizations and businesses in the forest products industry.”

You can access the three states’ carbon data here:

Wisconsin: https://forest-data-network.s3...

Michigan: https://forest-data-network.s3...

Minnesota: https://forest-data-network.s3...

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