Michigan timber owners can generate revenue with hunting access

Landowners can earn as much as $25 per acre

MADISON, Wis. -- Michigan forestland owners can supplement revenue by enrolling private forest land and other wildlife habitat in the state’s Hunting Access Program (HAP), according to a statement from the Michigan Department of Natural Resources.

Forest landowners in specified areas with parcels of greater than 40 acres may earn as much as $25 per acre annually for permitting hunting on the land through the program. The amount of the payment is “based on acres, type of land cover and hunting option selected,” the DNR said.

Properties at least 30 miles from accessible public land are a priority. The targeted areas are the Northeast region of the Lower Peninsula, the Southern half of the Lower Peninsula. Also targeted are Eastern sections of Chippewa and Mackinac counties in the Upper Peninsula.

A map of the targeted region and other information can be found at michigan.gov/dnr by searching on HAP.

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