Heinz plans to make ketchup bottles from paper

Pulp-based bottles aren't quite ready for grocery store shelves

MADISON, Wis. – Another iconic plastic product is in the sights of developers of innovative paper products, and they’ve set a big target — ketchup bottles. While it’s a huge target, it will be a somewhat distant one because of the volume of the product needed.

Heinz CEO Miguel Patricio announced a partnership with Pulpex, an English product development company, for a recyclable bottle manufactured from “100% sustainably sourced” wood pulp.

“This new Heinz bottle is one example of how we are applying creativity and innovation to explore new ways to provide consumers with the products they know and love while also thinking sustainably,” Patricio said.

The prototype product will first face “performance testing” and then testing in the consumer market before it begins to appear on grocery store shelves.

The global liquor company Diageo is also working with Pulpex to develop a wood pulp-based bottle for Johnny Walker scotch.

A different company that manufactures paper at a Wisconsin mill is in the process of being purchased by H.I.G., a large private equity firm that owns other companies in the packaging industry. (See Forest Data Network’s previous coverage of this story for more information.)

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