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A new mass timber project proposed for Wisconsin

The 250-unit apartment building could be built on Madison's East Side

MADISON, Wis. -- A second major engineered wood apartment complex has been proposed for a Wisconsin city.

Baker’s Place, a 250-unit structure designed for construction on Madison’s Near East side was proposed to the city government in early June.

This building would follow on the 25-story Ascent project that is under construction in Milwaukee. Upon completion, that multi-family residential building will become the tallest structural wood building in the world, according to its developer, Tim Gokhman.

Baker’s Place will incorporate the old Gardner Bakery building. It was proposed by developer The Neutral Group to Madison’s Urban Design Commission.

Two of the most ambitious development projects in recent memory will make presentations before the Madison Urban Design Commission on Wednesday night. Tyler Warner of the Neutral Group said his company is “in the pursuit of building carbon neutral buildings, and Mass Timber assists us in that pursuit.”

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