About Our Pricing

Forest Data Network index prices are weighted averages of actual prices paid by both public and private entities for stumpage. The stumpage prices on individual pieces of forest land will differ from averages based on a variety of factors including micro and macroeconomic factors, the quality of timber, the internal road system and the condition of the land, and the time and distance to mills with a need for specific species.

Index prices are particularly helpful in determining price trends and differences between prices in different regions and species. Reported prices should be relied on in market transactions with the understanding that Forest Data Network is not liable for price differences between a specific transaction and its index pricing. Forest Data Network is only responsible for a refund of the amount paid for a pricing report.

Units of measure

Cord products (pulp): 128 cubic feet of wood, air, and bark assuming careful piling. All stumpage values are shown in dollars per cord.
Logs: Thousands of square feet (mbf) measured by the Scribner Decimal C log rule.