“A Guide to Selling Timber” webinar now available

Experts cover elements of a successful harvest

MADISON, Wis. – If you are considering a timber harvest on your land in 2022, viewing the webinar video titled “A Guide to Selling Timber” offered by forestry educators from the Penn State Extension could be a valuable preparatory step.

The seminar by Dave Jackson, Forestry Educator, covers the elements of a successful harvest both in terms of generating revenue and supporting land stewardship. It covers topics like timber stand improvement, improved wildlife habitat and forest regeneration.

The goal for the one-hour session, Jackson stresses, is “not to make you experts but to raise your awareness of all of the intricacies involved in selling timber.”

Jackson recommends getting advice from a professional forester to assist with a harvest. His presentation covers elements that should be discussed with a forestry advisor in order to make the best selection of who will assist you in planning and executing a harvest.

Here’s a link to the webinar video:

Archived webinar videos produced by the extension’s Center for Private Forests can be found here:

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